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Access 2 EIC

Coordination and Support Action with the aim to empower NCP

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Access 2 EIC

ACCESS2EIC  is the network of 16 partners who share the common purpose to work as a network of EIC NCPs supporting national applicants and raising the quality of applications submitted under the EIC.

Access2EIC is a 7-year coordination and support action which builds upon the foundations laid by previous EIC support networks and in line with the new Horizon Europe Framework Programme. It aims to:

Improve professionalisation and skills of NCPs across Europe which in turn will help to simplify access to Horizon Europe calls, lowering the entry barriers for newcomers, and raise the average quality of proposals submitted particularly for women entrepreneurs and in widening countries.

Identify and share good practices, promote trans-national cooperation and raise the general standard of support to programme applicants, taking into consideration the novelties under Horizon Europe, the third pillar “Innovative Europe” and the various stakeholders within the EIC-EIE.

Identify synergies between the EIC & complementary instruments, networks and knowledge communities and to establish coordination mechanisms and develop case studies in order to enhance the competences of NCPs to connect to various stakeholders within the European Innovation Ecosystem

Identify most relevant novelties in the new generation of financial instruments (EIC Fund, InvestEU) and communicate about them; foster the use of financial instruments to complete the EU funding continuum for high potential businesses actors participating or emerging from EIC calls, and to develop a better understanding of VC co-investments with the EIC-Fund.

Enhancing the outreach of this Network through strategic information, communication and dissemination activities; to provide support in establishing complementarities and capacity building between the EIC Network and stakeholders in the EIE

It has been funded by Horizon Europe under Grant Agreement No 101046298

An interview with Michiel Scheffer