Access2EIC “How to apply successfully – EIC Pathfinder FET Open and FET Proactive” Guide 

The Access2EIC “How to apply successfully – EIC Pathfinder FET Open and FET Proactive” guide  is now online. This  publication was produced under the framework of Access2EIC, the official network for Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCPs) for the European Innovation Council – EIC (FET, SME and Access to Risk Finance). Access2EIC’s main objective is to provide support and specialised services to the network of FET, SME and ARF NCPs.

The authors of this guide are Horizon 2020 FET NCPs who interact regularly with FET Open and Proactive applicants. A guided set of materials based on the needs of FET Open and FET Proactive applicants and beneficiaries who interact with NCPs, and recommendations from FET Open and FET Proactive evaluators is useful for anyone who wants to submit to the EIC Pathfinder ​FET Open and Proactive and provide general tips regarding submission on these calls

The guide should be therefore useful for any consortia gathering for a joint submission of the EIC Pathfinder proposals. The aim is to help universities, RTOs, SMEs, spin offs, start-ups, etc. better understand the requirements and qualifications and thus succeed in receiving the grant.

The guide can be found & downloaded here

To get more information get in touch with your FET National Contact Point.