All the EIC beneficiaries (from the EIC Accelerator, EIC Transition, EIC Pathfinder and Women Leadership programmes) have access to BAS.  Some of the services will also be made available to EIC Accelerator applicants (invited to prepare a full application), to companies receiving the EIC Coaching as well as to innovators and companies coming from other European or national initiatives that have entered into a specific agreement with the EIC. The Business Acceleration Services are available through the EIC Community platform or provided through the EIC Fund or partner organisations.

Access to coaches, mentors, expertise and training 

EIC researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs will benefit from coaching, mentoring, expertise, and training provided by specialized providers and tailored to their innovation phase. 

EIC Coaching:

obtain access to customized coaching available for the duration of your project. Selected coaches are engaged in the community and regularly support grantees on business development, organizational development and finance.

EIC Tech 2 Market Programme

matches early-stage researchers and SMEs (Pathfinder and Transition recipients), providing the tools to bring their innovation to market by leveraging entrepreneurial skills and promoting early access to market and investment opportunities. 

Access to global partners (leading corporates, investors, procurers)

The BAS facilitates cooperation and co-creation with international business partners: leading companies, investors, buyers, distributors, and customers. This includes exploration of commercialization potential with industry, dedicated and impact-focused matchmaking events (e.g. Corporate Days, Procurers Days), venture client model, structured and experimental pilot collaborations with public and private companies and procurers for innovation. EIC-funded SMEs will be offered specific support to expand into new markets in Europe and abroad in participation in global trade fairs, visiting major European innovation hubs, and specific soft landing programmes. 

EIC Corporate Programme

bridge the gap between EIC-funded companies and large corporates so they collaborate and develop new business models and opportunities. 

EIC Investor Programme and e-pitchings

are exclusive European pitching and networking events gathering venture capitalists, business angels and other finance partners with the aim to help EIC companies, finding their next funding opportunity. 

EIC Innovation Procurement Programme

brings together innovators with procurers to exploit deep tech innovations through early market consultation and thematic procurement scouting activities. 

Access to innovation ecosystem and peers

The EIC Community rely on the EIC Community platform: an exclusive, virtual meeting place, where EIC funded projects and companies can connect with their peers and leverage potential business partnerships complemented by Community activities. It will host matching and collaboration features including partner search, groups, as well as stories and event calendars. A new tool will be the development of an EIC Marketplace that will collect and organise information on preliminary findings and results generated by EIC.

EIC Community Talks and Trainings 

gather together EIC Community members for experience sharing and peer-learning workshops (including for the EIC beneficiaries at an earlier stage of innovation life cycle). 

In addition to the coaching & training and access to corporates, investors and procurers, EIC-supported researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs will have access to the EIC Greenhouse Gas (EIC GHG) programme. With the EIC GHG programme, part of the Business Acceleration Services, the EIC will offer the support and expertise needed to assess, track and efficiently reduce the carbon footprint of the beneficiaries and co-create new green services and businesses.  

EIC Women Leadership Programme is targeted at EIC beneficiaries, specifically:

• Women in business already in management positions, but that want to strengthen their skills and expand their network;  

• Women within established companies aspiring to take over leadership positions in business development;  

• Women researchers involved in research projects aspiring to lead the transition of their research into businesses.  

EIC Overseas Trade Fairs 2.0 Programme (OTF)

supports EIC beneficiaries to promote their commercialisation strategy in foreign markets and leverage business opportunities at the most popular trade fairs, strengthening the EU innovation brand around the world. The OTF 2.0 Programme is running throughout 2022 and 2023, offering EIC beneficiaries the opportunity to attend 15 international trade fairs in different sectors across four extra-EU markets.