Deep Tech Europe Report: “The impact of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot”

The Deep Tech Europe Report reports the results and impacts of the EIC Pilot (2018-2020) : the impact of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot documents projects supporting Sustainable Development Goals (over 90 percent), the amount of follow up investments in EIC supported companies (€5.3 billion) and progress in supporting female innovators.

“Human centric AI, quantum computing, medical imaging and in many other areas”, the EIC is unique in supporting both breakthrough research (the EIC Pathfinder) and the scale up of innovative startups and SMEs (the EIC Accelerator).

Now EIC is moving from the pilot to the full operational phase under Horizon Europe with a new feature: the appointment of high-level Programme Managers. Their key role is help transform early technology visions into reality, advancing innovative projects and companies, along the EIC pipeline from early stage research to commercially successful innovations.

Two EIC programme managers have been announced. They will have a role in driving with their expertise the EIC’s strategy for green transformation: Dr. Antonio Pantaleo (bioenergy projects) and Dr. Francesco Matteucci (materials for green energy). They will join the EIC from 1 october 2020 and they will take part to the upcoming Research and Innovation Framework Programme, Horizon Europe (2021 – 2027) to increase the impact of currently funded projects and for the future ones.

Download the Report here