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DateFormatContent 16/01/2024OnlineInfoday EIC Accelerator Challenges 2024, by EISMEA 26-27.2.2024Onsite in Warsaw, PLFor NCPs and Beneficiaries, combined with the EIC infoday in PL - 26. Feb: Info day, afternoon topics of interests for NCPs - 27. Feb. morning: NCP Training on EIC Accelerator full proposal application (with EISMEA and evaluators) 18-20.3.2024Onsite in Brussels, BE- 18 March morning: EIC Transition Pitching by BPIFrance - NOTE: it's a pitching event within A2EIC/WP5-6, not a training for NCPs (WP2) - 19 March (afternoon, 45'): Workshop during EIC Summit on Advisory services FOR BENEFICIARIES, by A2EIC and EEN2EIC - 20 March (10:00-13:00): Training on Business...

Pathfinder Challenge s Workshop

The aim of the webinar is to explain the EIC Pathfinder Challenges evaluation process with regard to the portfolio building in the 2nd step of the final panel.

AI Tool Training 01.06.2022

The aim of the training is to go through the FULL PROPOSAL application step of the EIC AI Tool and discuss the content and questions from the NCP with a dedicated focus on: • General usability questions and issues, complexity and user friendliness • Generation of the .pfd format • Rebuttal related input • Value Chain/Supply Chain • Use Cases • Features • Workpackages • Work plan  EIC Accelerator Coaches and Evaluators will discuss their experiences and give insights in their work

Maximizing NCP training offer in Access2EIC

Ref.TitleHoursCourse Provider Business(1) Foundations of Business Strategy15University of Virginia Business(2) Advanced Business Strategy13University of Virginia Business(3) Business Growth Strategy16University of Virginia BusinessBusiness English (1): Management and Leadership17Arizona State University BusinessBusiness English (2): Finance and Economics13Arizona State University BusinessBusiness English (3): Marketing and Sales14Arizona State University BusinessGlobal Energy and Climate Policy: Low-carbon energy and climate change technologies 13University of London BusinessGreen Business Strategy10Hong Kong University of Science and Technology BusinessDriving business towards the Sustainable Development Goals16Erasmus University Rotterdam CommunicationIntroduction to Public Speaking17University of Washington CommunicationBusiness English: Making Presentations 13University of Washington CommunicationImproving Communication Skills11University of Washington CommunicationSpeaking to persuade: Motivating audiences...