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Access2EIC Guide “Annotated proposal template EIC Pathfinder Open”

The Access2eic ‘Annotated proposal template EIC Pathfinder Open’ is a guide created in order to help applicants better understand the requirements of the template and write better applications. The annotated template is provided for information only, and reflects solely the view of the authors.

Factsheet on EIC Pathfinder Open – Interview with Timo Hallantie, Head of Unit at EISMEA

Interview with Timo Hallantie,Head of Unit at EISMEA, responsible for the EIC Pathfinder This report was produced under the framework of ACCESS2EIC, the official network for Horizon Europe National Contact Points (NCP) for the European Innovation Council (EIC). ACCESS2EIC’s prime objective is to provide support and specialised services to NCPs and participants in the EIC. For enquiries regarding this report please contact us at


Aim of this Guide is to present  THE EIC TRANSITION FUNDING MECHANISM The EIC Factsheet is organzied as follows: 1.1 Introduction to EIC Transition funding mechanism 1.2 Eligibility Criteria 1.3 The EIC Transition evaluation process 1.4 Interview to Viorel Peca, EIC Transition and Business Acceleration Services, HoU EISMEA 1.5 The Fast Track principle 2. EIC TRANSITION KEY RECOMMENDATIONS 2.1 Statistics from EIC Pilot funded projects 2.2 Tips and Tricks – How to write a winning proposal 2.3 Key Sources    

Study on innovation support ecosystems

To understand the interplay of the actors in the regional innovation ecosystem and help NCPs  to localise counselling needs, this study contains a typology of actors in the innovation support system and an analysis of their role, activities offered and their scope (from financing to general support); taking also into consideration dimensions of support regarding the EIC.

Access2EIC_How to apply successfully template

The guide ‘How to apply successfully – EIC Accelerator’  has been written as part of the Access2EIC project, a Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Commission to strengthen the network of Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCPs) for the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Access to risk finance (ARF). The guide ‘How to apply successfully – EIC Accelerator’ shall assist companies which are preparing a project proposal for the Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator pilot call to understand the requirements of the proposal templates, and provide useful tips and advice.