EIC Accelerator

EIC Accelerator is dedicated to:

Start-ups and SMEs seeking to scale up high impact;

innovations with the potential to create new markets or disrupt existing ones Innovations building on scientific discovery or technological breakthroughs (‘deep tech’);

Innovations where significant funding is needed over a long timeframe and are too risky for private investors alone

Who can apply?

Single company classified as SME (or “small mid-cap” – up to 500 employees – for investment component only) established in EU Member State (MS) or Associated Country (AC)

One or more natural persons or legal entities

– intending to establish an SME or a small mid-cap in a MS/AC by the time of signing the contract – intending to invest in an SME or small mid-cap in a MS/AC, who may submit the proposal on behalf of that SME or small mid-cap and who have a prior agreement with the company. Contract only with beneficiary company!

– from a (non-AC) third country, intending to establish or relocate an SME to a MS or AC by the time of submitting a full application. Company most prove effective establishment. Union interest needs to be met.


minimum EUR 0.5 million and
maximum EUR 15 million
maximum EUR 2.5 million
usually in the form of direct equity or
eligible costs are reimbursed up to a
maximum of 70%
maximum 25% of the voting shares of
the company
- innovation activities supported
should be completed within 24
“patient capital” principle (7-10 years
perspective on average)
small mid-caps are not eligible for
grant (but can apply for investment

Apply any time (early stage screening)
16 June 2021 6 October 2021
ACCELERATOR CHALLENGEGreen Deal innovations for the economic recovery
Strategic technologies: digital & health

16 June 2021 6 October 2021