EIC Transition: tips for applicants

If you are part of a deep-tech SME or start-up and would like to apply for the EIC Transition, you can only do so based on an innovation from an eligible project. More precisely, your proposal must build on results (demonstrated proof of principle with minimum Technology Readiness Level 3 and max TRL 4) from an eligible project. But you do not need to be a participant, Principle Investigator or result owner of the previous projects; on the contrary, new participants are welcome and encouraged to apply! For this, you need to get informed, connected and involved.

Get Informed

The EIC publishes the list of eligible projects for the open scheme (see EIC Transition call page for details on eligible projects) but unless you were part of such a project or you knew about a certain innovation already, it is not always straightforward and easy to identify an innovation and its innovator. Aside from reaching out to your NCP, EEN member or the Access2EIC network for support, several other tools are available to identify the innovation and innovators. 


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