EIC Transition

Transition to Innovation supports any suitable scenario that jointly advances technological and market aspects, for instance:

  • A focused collaborative project to advance research up to TRL 5/6 while improving also the Market Readiness Level.
  • Projects led by an SME/Start-up with an interest in the results as single partner or in a small collaboration. The goal is to mature both the technology and market readiness.
  • A team of innovative researchers who want to turn selected project results into a viable product by looking for a suitable business model and/ or creating a start-up or spin-off company.
  • Any other that is fit to mature a novel technology while developing a business case to bring it to market.

EIC Transitions 2021 are restricted to applications based on results generated by the following eligible projects:

  • EIC Pathfinder projects (including projects funded under EIC pilot Pathfinder, Horizon 2020 FET-Open, FET-Proactive, FET Flagships and FET ERAnet calls)
  • European Research Council (ERC) Horizon 2020 Proof of Concept projects

Applicants need to demonstrate that they are the owner, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) holder, or have the necessary rights to commercialise the results from one of these eligible projects.

The EIC Transition programme consists of a combination of both open and challenge driven funding.

Which are the differences?

Open Funding

The majority of funding will be awarded through open calls with no predefined thematic priorities.

This Open Funding is designed to enable support for any technologies and innovations that cut across different scientific, technological, sectoral and application fields or represent novel combinations.

Strategic EIC Transition Challenges

  • Challenge: Medical Technology and Devices: from Lab to Patient:

Proposals submitted to this call can target any technology addressing important health needs in the direct clinical treatment and care of patients.

  • Challenge: Energy harvesting and storage technologies:

The proposals will aim at developing energy storage technologies or combined energy harvesting/storage technologies ready for investment and business development.