European Innovation Ecosystems

European Innovation Ecosystems

European Innovation Ecosystems
Specific support to enable innovation ecosystem actors to work together across Europe.

As part of Horizon Europe  the EU aims to create more connected and efficient innovation ecosystems to support the scaling of companies, encourage innovation and stimulate cooperation among national, regional and local innovation actors.

Innovation ecosystems

  • bring together people or organisations whose goal is innovation, and
  • include the links between resources (such as funds, equipment, and facilities), organisations (such as higher education institutions, research and technology organisations, companies, venture capitalists and financial intermediaries), investors and policymakers.

The actions supported by European Innovation Ecosystems complement the actions carried out by the EIC and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), activities across Horizon Europe, initiatives at national, regional and local level as well as private and third sector initiatives.

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European Innovation Ecosystems official web page

Work programme ( to be published soon)



Availabe budget  2018-2020 136 EUR million