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The A2EIC Guide: “EIC ACCELERATOR ANNOTATED TEMPLATE (Full proposal)” is an essential resource designed for individuals who have successfully navigated the short proposal stage and are now preparing their full proposal for the EIC Accelerator.

What’s Inside?

  • General Tips: This section provides essential advice to help you navigate the submission process smoothly.
  • Proposal Preparation: Get step-by-step assistance in crafting a compelling Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator Full proposal.
  • Pitch Deck Focus: Gain in-depth guidance on creating an impactful pitch deck, a crucial element for the selection process of successful companies.

About the Authors

This guide has been developed by the Horizon Europe EIC National Contact Points (NCPs), bringing a wealth of experience and valuable insights to the guide, thanks also to their regularly interactions with EIC Accelerator applicants,

Document Structure

The structure of this guide mirrors the EIC Accelerator Full proposal 2024 template. This ensures you have a clear and consistent reference as you prepare your submission.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource! Prepare your proposal with confidence and take the next step towards innovation and growth.

Download the Guide here

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